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We have been asked every question in the book, so if you have one, don’t be afraid to ask! We are happy to help you in any way we can.

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Contact us today to start creating your dream home in Hayden, ID!

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of contractor is Selkirk Construction?

Selkirk Construction is a custom home builder. Our role is a general contractor. We have a team of subcontractors and in-house trades that we oversee to construct your home. We provide completely custom services to our homeowners to allow for the perfect home. You have the opportunity to completely design your home and pick all of the amenities within it. With this being said, Selkirk Construction has developed a streamlined building process to help our clients minimize the stress of custom home building and stay within their allotted budgets. Although the “sky’s the limit” mentality does apply here, we try focusing our clients on cost affordable options to fit their desired budgets. This prevents an overwhelming build experience.

What is the difference between a regular home and a custom home?

The difference between a regular home and a custom home is the number of choices, type of floor plans, the quality of materials, and the level of detail. During the construction of a regular home, a builder may offer three choices of builder-grade stone for a kitchen counter, whereas every option is available in a custom home. The small details that provide character, charm, and uniqueness are also typically lacking from standard homes. Custom homes allow for just that— customization. No request or idea is off-limits.

Where will Selkirk Construction build?

We build all over Kootenai County, Eastern Washington, and surrounding areas.

Can you help me find a lot or land to build on?

Of course! We would be more than happy to assist you in finding a lot that would fit the home you desire!

Can you build on land I own or do I have to pick land/subdivisions you own?

No, we will build on any land. You do not have to pick one of the lots/subdivisions we own. We can build on your land, or we can help you find a lot to fit your needs.

Do I need to pick one of your plans or can I have one designed?

We are a 100% custom home builder, which means you have the option to pick one of our existing plans, modify one of our existing plans, or design something completely unique to you. It is completely up to you!

Can you build a plan from another builder?

While we cannot build another builder’s floor plan, we will work with you to include your wants and needs into your new Selkirk Construction home. We encourage you to gather photos, ideas, and inspiration to share with us to design a home that’s picture-perfect for you.

How much do you charge per square foot?

This seems to be the most frequently asked question we get. Unfortunately, this is like asking how much a car costs. Much like the price of a car, it all depends on what you are looking for. Do you want heated seats? Sun Roof? 4-wheel drive? The price of a home is comprised of many different variables. Some of the major factors include build site, complexity, style, amenities included, and architecture. Because of this, it is hard to give a general price per sq ft. With that being said, if you have a general idea of the type of home and amenities you are looking for, we may be able to give you an approximation of price per sq ft. Contact us today and let’s look into this further.

I live out of town/state. Will this be a problem?

No! The majority of our clients are from out of state. We have tailored our build process to make it easy for both out of state and local clients alike. We do this by keeping our clients informed with emails, phone calls, texts, and progress photos on a regular basis. Our schedule is forecasted to give you plenty of time to schedule trips for selections and required job site visits. Our team strives to keep you informed and keep your questions answered!

Can you build in the winter? Does this give me an inferior product?

We build year-round without problems. It does not matter whether your home is built in the middle of summer or the middle of winter — your home still has to meet the same quality standards and pass the same inspections. You do not receive an inferior product by building your home in the winter. We make sure every one of our homes is built to the highest quality standards no matter when or where the home is built.

I want to hire my own subcontractor/ family member/friend to perform work on the job. Is this allowed?

While we appreciate the idea of a private subcontractor/family member/friend performing work, we typically do not allow this. We have a fantastic team that will do their best to get you what you want in your budget.

All of the work performed by our team is covered under warranty and follows our strict quality control guidelines.

Are there any minimum fees for a change order? What are the fees associated with change orders?

We do not have any minimum fees associated with change orders. When a change is made outside of the agreed-upon scope of work, you will be charged the amount associated with that change. This is to include material, labor, management, and delivery costs.

Can I visit the job site while my home is being built?

Absolutely! Unlike our competition, we encourage this. We want you to be as involved in the project as you feel comfortable with. You will find our team will invite you into the process and make you feel right at home (no pun intended)! Although not mandatory, we encourage our clients to visit the site so that you can not only see the progress but also point out any changes you might want before it’s too late. With that being said, safety is our number one priority, and construction sites can be very dangerous. It is always good to have a Selkirk Construction representative assist you with your onsite visits to not only answer questions but protect you from any potential hazards.

How much supervision will my house have during construction?

We visit your job site on a daily basis, often numerous times a day. These regular visits, coupled with our intensive inspection system, ensures your home is being built to the highest quality standards.

Do you do commercial work?

Yes! We do light commercial projects.

Why choose Selkirk Construction?

Selkirk Construction has become an award-winning premier custom home builder for a reason; we have a passion for customer service. Your project is not just another home, and you are not just another client. When you choose Selkirk Construction, you become family, and your home becomes one of our homes. We are a local family-owned and operated business and pride ourselves in our unmatched customer service and building quality. We provide our clients with a build process that no other builder can. What’s our secret recipe you ask? It’s simple, it’s who we are, and no other builder can replicate that. We refuse to cut corners, we are honest, we make ourselves available, and we listen to you. We are not here to tell you what you want, we are here to listen and give you what you want, and in the process, help educate and guide you through those decisions. Our passion for customer service does not stop once your home is finished, and you move in. We are here for you if any problems or concerns arise. We believe a builder’s true colors shine when after all the bills have been paid and a problem surfaces. We do not leave people stranded, and we always stand behind our work. Again, this is who we are and what makes us Selkirk Construction! Contact us today — you will not be disappointed!

We have never built a custom home. Are we in over our heads?

You’re not alone. We understand most people do not know what to expect from the build process. The custom home building process has a reputation for being stressful. A lot of this is a direct result of who you partner with to build your home. When you partner with Selkirk Construction, you get the peace of mind knowing an award-winning premier builder is there to guide you. Educating our clients and managing expectations has made our unmatched reputation what it is today. We take the guesswork out of the build process and guide you through every aspect of it. We believe building your home should be fun and exciting, not stressful. Over the years, we have listened to our clients and in doing so, developed an unmatched build process. We strive every day to become better and make our process what it is. We are here to protect you from the headaches and provide you with a stress-free build process. So, sit back and let us take you on this fun journey of making your dream a reality!

Do you have land for sale to choose from?

Yes, we typically have land for sale in our inventory.

I own my own lot, but I do not know where to start.

We can assist you by meeting on your lot and giving you options. We can recommend the best build sites and give you some cost-saving tips.

Can I bring my own plans?

Yes, we will build plans you have already had designed. It is important to note that they need to meet all structural and engineering requirements.

How long does it take to build a custom home?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is very open-ended. Some of the major factors include the build site, complexity, style, amenities, architecture, on-site changes, decision making, and weather. All play a huge role in the build timeline. Homebuilding is broken into two separate phases, the pre-construction phase, and the construction phase. Typically, the preconstruction phase (home design, engineering, and permits) takes around 2-3 months. The construction phase (the actual building of the home) averages 6-8 months, but again this can change project to project. Always remember, you cannot rush quality.

How does financing work?

There are many options when it comes to the financing of a new custom home. Some of these options are listed below:

  • Owner financing: This is a great option if you have the funds available to build your home out of pocket or if you own your land.
  • Builder financing: We are one of the few builders that offer a builder finance option. This takes the burden off of you and makes the closing process easy.
  • Bank financing: We work with local and national banks to get you approved for your dream home. We can also work with a bank of your choice!
  • Creative financing: This can be a combination of the above financing options.

Contact us today, and we can discuss your options in further detail.

When is the best time of the year to start building?

We build year-round without problems. Each season can pose its own challenges and benefits. It is important to start building when it works for you!

Can I provide my own materials, appliances or services?

Selkirk Construction uses its buying power and reputation to get you the best possible prices on your selections. We stand behind our work because we use only the highest quality materials and the most experienced trade partners. This gives our customers greater peace of mind. For this reason, we do not allow owner-supplied materials, appliances, or services. We do the best we can to keep the process as efficient and cost-effective for you!

How do change orders work?

Any time you make a change outside of the agreed-upon scope of work, a change order comes into play. These change orders can be additional charges or credits back to you. For example; if you choose to add a heated floor in your master bathroom, you would be sent a change order for the cost associated with installing a heated floor. Ideally, the change order needs to be signed off on prior to the work being performed. This prevents any confusion.

What do I get to pick during the construction process?

The short answer is EVERYTHING! Depending on what level of customization you are trying to achieve the sky’s the limit. Don’t let this overwhelm you. We have a team ready to help guide you through these selections and keep you within your budget.

What inspections do your homes have?

Our homes go through a strict inspection regiment. Not only from the local municipalities but also from our own team. Each Selkirk Construction home will have had over 28 main inspections prior to you moving in. This does not include the day to day inspections your home will receive from our team.

Some of these inspections include:

  • Plan/Engineering
  • Loads/Structural
  • Site/Soil/Drainage
  • Set backs
  • Approach
  • Drainage systems
  • Foundation footings/Rebar
  • Foundation stem walls/Rebar
  • Concrete slab/Rebar
  • Shear panels/Engineered panels
  • Framing trusses
  • Framing structural
  • Framing level
  • Floor squeak
  • Roof and flashing
  • Air seal/efficiency
  • Insulation
  • Plumbing rough
  • HVAC rough
  • Electrical rough
  • Water main
  • Sewer main
  • Drywall screwing
  • Drywall finish
  • Plumbing finish
  • HVAC finish
  • Electrical finish
  • Final

Do you do remodels?

Unfortunately, we are strictly new construction at this time.

Still have a question?

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